Online Curriculum Pointers via Jim Askew Crescent Public Schools

Posted: June 7, 2010 in 1:1, curriculum, PASS, Sharing

Friday, June 4, Crescent High School hosted a mini conference. Crescent High School is a  rural PK-12 public school and  fellow recipient of the 1:1 grant and has already implemented a 1:1 program for their HS students. The High School faculty had some great ideas and experiences to share with fellow educators and grant recipients from around the great state of Oklahoma.  As we work , work HARD, at Grand View to successfully implement and integrate laptops and develop curriculum to incorporate our new and existing technology tools it’s important to look toward one another within Grand View, the state, the nation, and even globally for support and guidance.

Jim Askew, a secondary science teacher at Crescent, was one of the speakers to open the conference.  His talk over online curriculum and transforming learning was well-formed and worth sharing!  (Links posted below)  Hopefully his insight from 15 years of experience developing his own online curriculum can help illuminate the progression and development of your new lessons, projects, and learning environment.


Crescent Public Schools- Homepage

Crescent Public Schools- AMAZINGLY AWESOME Library Page

(Seriously guys, check out that library page!!!)

Mini-Conference Agenda

Curious about the content of a session? We’d be happy to share!

As always I’m an email or phone call away.



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