#WeAct How Am I Improving Education?

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Sharing

Blogger and Principal, George Couros recently asked educators to share what they’re doing right now to improve education.    

Top o’ my list, I improve education by listening and connecting with my students. I don’t go to work dreading my day. I look forward to seeing my students and learning with them. I listen to what my students say- their input is valuable and has directly led to some amazing projects and performances.     

I improve education by being resourceful and designing authentic tech-rich assignments and lessons. All that work was/is WORTH IT  to witness their enthusiasm and growth.     

2009-2010 I taught PK-4 general music, 5th grade reading, 5th grade drama, and 6-8th grade drama. Here’s a sampling of student accomplishments, projects, and skills:     

• virtual field trip production to the Cherokee Heritage Center and Cherokee National Museum researched, filmed, and edited by students and shared school wide     

• creation of digital storyboards and instructional videos scripted, shot, edited, and shared with fellow students and Grand View staff     

• mastery of skills with the assistance of web-based applications, and software     

• digital communication with peers and teacher     

• active participation on teacher blog     

In my class we love zombies, flash games, Edward...you know Cullen, making movies...

• creation of animated figures and scenes in Stickman and Elemento     

• clickers or student response system employed extensively during group instruction and individual    exercises to track progress towards skill mastery     

• mastery of wireless einstruction slate—mobi (PK-8)     

• completion of text projects in Microsoft Word with the aid of interactive essay and story maps     

• Prezi design, manipulation, and engagement (Zombie Haiku)     

• video and audio podcasts utilized as resources     

• research and development of cyber safety curriculum     

I think my second  graders win the favorite projects of the year award. (I’ll have massive apologies to issue if some of my older students stumble onto this blog!)  As music teacher I didn’t want to put on a cheesy canned music recital…so we decided to make short films. The project started with a webquest investigating film genre- the three classes choose to make a science fiction, horror, and an action  movie. Having a genre was great…but we needed to outline our plot and write a script too. We used the mobi to brainstorm and get our scripts and shot lists ready to roll. Filming was the fun part…although making a sci-fi movie with no budget was a challenge, but it still was adorable. After filming came EDITING. I can proudly say that my second graders are now very well-versed in Windows Movie Maker. They helped convert and import files, we recorded voice-over, edited audio and video clips, made some great movies,  had a great premiere night, and learned a lot about story-telling and film production.     

No Budget 2nd grade Alien and My Daughter Lily

I can’t publish my second grade movies to the web (release form issues) , but I do have a Grand View Video to share.     

Grand View is a great place to work. We have a great faculty and administration. We were fortunate to receive an OETT grant to provide whiteboards, mobis, and clickers for the 2009-2010 school year.  Next year every Grand View 6-8th grader will have a shiny new laptop! — Thanks to the Ed Tech ARRA, Title II, Part D Grant– We are so lucky,  going 1:1 is an awesome opportunity for our students and teachers!     

Here’s a little video about Grand View’s technology integration journey thus far.     

Sorry for my embedding fail here, but seriously check it out it’s a lot of fun!      http://k20center.ning.com/video/oett-grand-view

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