#WeAct ; How YOU are improving education (via The Principal of Change)

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

What is this #WeAct business you ask?
The answer from Principal of Change blog…
“What I am suggesting is that people try to share student work, or a blog post on what they are doing to further their own learning as educators and have implemented this in the classroom. This is not just about talking about change, this is talking about the change that is already happening.”

I love, no LOVE, to brag on my kids so keep your eyes peeled for my #WeAct post.
Coming Soon…

#WeAct ; How YOU are improving education Talking to a friend of mine this morning, we were talking about moving forward in education.Β  Now when I say "moving forward" I truly believe that there are a lot of things happening RIGHT NOW that are amazing.Β  There are also things that can improve though.Β  As educators, I consider that part of this profession (and really any profession) is the continuous reflection and growth in what we are doing.Β  As society changes, we have to best prepare o … Read More

via The Principal of Change


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