:::Just for FUN:::Plinky Prompt: Why I gave up on "Journey to the End of the Night"

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

To start a book and leave it unfinished…what a pity! My books co-habitat with my spouse's books on our cozy homemade shelves. I, admittedly, am responsible for the Harry Potter series….ok…and the Twilight saga. I promise, I do own books for "grown ups" as well. I enjoy a good book, and prefer reading to television (reading includes my RSS feed too-technology high-five!) Long story short, I may not love all of my husband's books, but Journey to the End of the Night stands out as a book that I wanted to like… but …well…didn't.

I simply couldn't "get into" the book. After reading this trusty ol' plinky prompt…I was prompted to walk over to the bookshelf and grab Louis-Ferdinand Celine's novel and give it another go! I wonder how many AR points it's worth…hmmm.

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