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PLN+ Students= Good Stuff

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I love snuggling into bed and spending some quality time with my RSS feed. I read posts that motivate me as an educator, stimulate thought, challenge me to evaluate my beliefs/practices, AND,of course, you’ve got to love the great links to amazing educational websites/applications. On a regular basis I’m introduced (thanks to my PLN) to new web apps/websites that just sing out to be passed along to one or some or ALL of my fellow teachers at Grand View. I like sharing these resources.

Lately, I’m passing resources along to another group… our 1:1 students. We currently have about 120 6-8th grade students in our 1:1 program. Grand View is a rural district, and the school has a family-like atmosphere; especially when compared to the suburban middle school I attended. Students and faculty all know each other pretty well. Recently, when I ran into a blog post about students planning and designing a construction project, I immediately thought of a student that loves architecture and structural engineering. I decided to send him the link on edmodo. This student came up to me the next day and told me how much he liked the link and thanked me for passing it along. Now that’s pretty cool. Since then I’ve started sending links of interests out to one or some or ALL of our 1:1 students. Some of the students are catching onto this whole “sharing cool stuff” action on edmodo. Students have begun sharing links to cool and useful websites- they like sharing the resources they find too. Im excited and looking forward to learning a lot from the students members of my PLN.


Recently Grand View’s 6-8th grade TECHNOLOGY class was told they had a full week to learn about whatever they wanted! One student chose to learn how to change oil in a car/truck. I’ll be posting more examples of student work soon.

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I have seriously neglected this blog…for a long while. Today I’m sharing one of the sites I have bookmarked on Delicious- Little Bird Tales. (H/T probably to Free Tech for Teachers…or another awesome edtech resource guru!!)
Check out the tale I found on the site!

Little Bird Tales is a free resource and a simple way for young students to create and share their own own little tales. It’s also a great way for classrooms to share fun events and units they’ve experienced in their learning!

๏ปฟPicture Match

Sadlier-Oxford:: Phonics for Students Online Components


SMART Exchange= Lots of great SMART Notebook Lessons

Window Live Movie Maker Tutorial

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Thank A Teacher

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H/T of Principal ConcernThank a teacher. Teachers inspire greatness and change lives. Take the time to show your appreciation today.…

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To start a book and leave it unfinished…what a pity! My books co-habitat with my spouse's books on our cozy homemade shelves. I, admittedly, am responsible for the Harry Potter series….ok…and the Twilight saga. I promise, I do own books for "grown ups" as well. I enjoy a good book, and prefer reading to television (reading includes my RSS feed too-technology high-five!) Long story short, I may not love all of my husband's books, but Journey to the End of the Night stands out as a book that I wanted to like… but …well…didn't.

I simply couldn't "get into" the book. After reading this trusty ol' plinky prompt…I was prompted to walk over to the bookshelf and grab Louis-Ferdinand Celine's novel and give it another go! I wonder how many AR points it's worth…hmmm.

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