Thank A Teacher

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H/T of Principal ConcernThank a teacher. Teachers inspire greatness and change lives. Take the time to show your appreciation today.…

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To start a book and leave it unfinished…what a pity! My books co-habitat with my spouse's books on our cozy homemade shelves. I, admittedly, am responsible for the Harry Potter series….ok…and the Twilight saga. I promise, I do own books for "grown ups" as well. I enjoy a good book, and prefer reading to television (reading includes my RSS feed too-technology high-five!) Long story short, I may not love all of my husband's books, but Journey to the End of the Night stands out as a book that I wanted to like… but …well…didn't.

I simply couldn't "get into" the book. After reading this trusty ol' plinky prompt…I was prompted to walk over to the bookshelf and grab Louis-Ferdinand Celine's novel and give it another go! I wonder how many AR points it's worth…hmmm.

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Caveman Innovation

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Open Mind+Innovative Tools= Good Stuff! (ex. the wheel)

Happy Monday!

Thanks @ittosde for sharing the video.

An example of an educational video for kids from the WatchKnow website.

An animated video teaching the basics of grammar-adjectives- with a fun cartoon.

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Click image for a history of the 21 Things Project

Meaningful technology integration and development of core technology skills can be a challenge for technology integration facilitators, teachers who are tech-savvy, AND for those who struggle to navigate through new technology tools.

Did you ever wish someone had a nifty set of  resources to help you meet those NETS-T standards?  Check out the 21 things project and activities.  OSDE is adapting the content of the 21 Things project as part of the 1:1 project for the Technology Integration Specialists. I haven’t started the coursework, but after looking at the content, I’m really impressed and want to pass along this great learning tool.  It’s always great to find (and use) tools that help use develop our own technology skills, increase our productivity, and help us all do better for our students.

Are you looking for a few good ebooks for kid and teens? I know some of the teachers a Grand View are eager for digital reading resources. As a parent, I’ve been so impressed by the positive attitudes, sense of urgency, and just plain ol’ hard work all of the PK-2nd grade teachers have demonstrated this week during Literacy First training.  To see this group of talented ladies form such a cohesive team with a clear purpose and drive to succeed makes me want to do something embrassing…like run through the halls slapping high-fives, or break into dance spontaneously. Why? Well, first because I’m a goober, but second I work with these awesome people and our students (which includes my kids…of my womb) will be the benefactors of the teachers’ hard work and enthusiasm.

I’m almost this pumped…

It’s link time…

International Children’s Digital Library

Google Books

Children’s Storybook Online

2020ok – You have to wade through a lot of advertisements Children’s Library

Free mp3 Audio Books

Rare Books & Special Collections Reading Room Children’s Lit.

Library of Congress- Digital Collections

Library of Congress- Kids and Families

Children’s Short Stories

A simple explanation of RSS. Check the video out, and give RSS a try. It’s a real time saver.


RSS in Plain English – Common Craft – Our Product is Explanation